Taiwan Chlorella – FEBICO Chlorella Review

The Certified Organic Chlorella from Taiwan

Taiwan Chlorella - FEBICO Chlorella Reivew

Where can we buy Chlorella that is organic and has good quality? FEBICO Chlorella is the choice. 


Why Should We Buy Certified Organic and Contamination-Free Chlorella?


I am a seafood lover. Heavy metals like mercury are the biggest concern when taking seafood. My family doctor told me that he uses chlorella to detoxify and advised me to do the same. Chlorella has a metal binding property and therefore, can flush toxic chemicals out of our body.

On the other hands, due to its capability of absorbing toxins, chlorella will be filled with harmful substances if the water or environment that grows it is contaminated. This is why we should always buy certified organic and pollution-free chlorella.

One should also be aware that ‘Certified organic’ certifies the growing process, but it does not guarantee ‘freedom of contamination’. For example, contamination can occur when mercury from power plants releases into the air and falls into pools through rain.


FEBICO Certified Organic Chlorella Review


Growing Ecology and Location

Most of the chlorella that is available in the market is from Japan or Taiwan. Both countries have good reputation in manufacturing chlorella. 

In March 2011, a massive quake and tsunami caused three nuclear reactors meltdown and hydrogen explosions in Japan. Although the officials have said the radiation from water leaking from the facility is mostly confined, I would not risk buying chlorella from Japan.

FEBICO (Far East Bio-Tech Co., LTD) was established in 1976 in Taiwan. The company uses clean, uncontaminated, environmentally protected mountain spring water that feeds into the pools to cultivate microalgae. Chlorella grown in such outdoor well-controlled ecology is the healthiest, cleanest and least likely to have metal contamination such as aluminum.



  • USDA-NOP Organic Certification

The NOP (National Organic Program) is part of the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). All producers, processors and traders that want to export to the United States have to be certified according to the NOP.

  • Naturland Certification

Naturland is an association for organic agriculture founded in 1982. The valid certification from Naturland confirms FEBICO’s Chlorella is produced and processed according to the Naturland standards.

  • BCS OKO-GARANTIE GMBH Organic Certification

BCS OKO-GARANTIE GMBH is licensed as a private agency since 1992 to implement the EU regulation on organic production.


Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella

The thick cell wall of chlorella preserves the precious nutrients in it, but the wall also limits the digestion. Breaking the wall can increase the digestibility. Some health markets grind chlorella to break its wall but doing so also loses nutrients.

FEBICO Chlorella is prepared with the patented ‘Cracked Cell Wall’ technique to pop the wall like popcorn; therefore, it allows better absorption and maintains nearly all nutrients.



The average cost for FEBICO Chlorella is $0.13 per 500 mg tablet, while NOW Foods Organic Chlorella has an average value of $0.06 per 500 mg tablet. FEBICO Chlorella definitely costs more than other organic brands. However, it is worth of the money if we consider the environment that the company uses growing chlorella is pollution-free and with sufficient sunshine.


FEBICO Chlorella is one of my favorite supplements. My friend took it to help her journey of chemotherapy. In addition to its nutritional value, I use it to remove harmful chemicals from the seafood I eat and hope it can prevent central nervous system disorders such as Parkinson or Alzheimer. Uncontaminated chlorella is extremely important for the purpose of detoxification. FEBICO Chlorella is definitely the best choice.

FEBICO Chlorella is available from amazon.com in both tablet and powder forms.



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  1. i want to know where i can buy Febico chlorella in the united states

    • Amazon has it.

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