ABENA Diapers – ABENA ABRI-Form – ABENA X-Plus Review

A Caregiver’s Review of ABENA Diapers (ABENA ABRI-Form / ABENA X-Plus)


ABENA Diapers, especially ABENA ABRI-Form X-Plus, are the best adult diapers that I have ever used. I highly recommend ABENA Diapers.

Being a caregiver for your love one is not easy, especially when she has both Parkinson and incontinence. My mother’s night urine volume is between 900cc and 1300cc. Finding diapers with super absorbency became a priority. I tried all the brands that were available in retail stores, but none of them performed well. Some brands did claim the absorbency that could fit my need; however, when the urine in the diaper was accumulated to a certain amount, those diapers failed to prevent the leakage effectively and the material (cotton) became uneven and lumpy.

Finally, I found two brands, ABENA and Tranquility. Tranquility ATN diapers (size medium) can nicely hold urine up to 600cc without becoming lumpy, and ABENA ABRI-Form X-Plus diapers (size M4) keep in shape even when the urine is accumulated to 1000cc. I am so glad that ABENA ABRI-Form X-Plus diapers can fit my need, because I know it will be Ok if I cannot wake up during the night to change the diaper for my mom.

ABENA diapers are expensive, especially the ABENA ABRI-Form Air Plus style, but they are worth the money for overnight use. One can consider the ABENA ABRI-Form Classic style instead of Air Plus style if the price is an issue. The Classic style has the same absorbency level as the Air Plus style.

ABNEA Diapers are the most expensive but have the best quality among all adult diapers. Most people think using expensive adult diapers are a waste of money. In the daytime, diaper should be changed as soon as it is wet to avoid urinary tract infection; therefore, the quality of diapers is not essential. However,  the quality of diapers  needs to be considered when frequent diaper changes are unlikely such as midnight.

ABNEA Diapers especially ABENA X-Plus Diapers are excellent choices for overnight use. I do not recommend using X-Plus in the daytime because one should wear a lightweight one for daily activities, and X-Plus is thick.

In summary, ABENA Diapers are worth the money. There is no other brand can compete ABNEA X-Plus with its absorbency and stay-dry lining. Look no further if the maximum absorbency is what one looks for.




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